Janet is such an amazing dog walker! I have a little westie, Finn, who has a lot of energy and he always comes home tired and ready to snuggle. This is the first dog I have owned and Janet is extremely knowledgable about food, fleas, and anything else you might have questions about and she is always ready to help! I have also used her for boarding multiple times and she takes such good care of my dog. She has a cute backyard where they can run around and play and she always sends me photos so I’m not missing him too much. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a dog walker who really cares about the wellbeing of your dog Janet is the only choice!



Our dog, Maya, is so happy when she sees the Doggie Business van.  Janet is a wonderful person with a real affinity and understanding of dogs.  We highly recommend Doggie Business!!


Janet has been walking our dog Baileys for over two years now. Janet is a god send for both Baileys and our family. Janet treats Baileys like she is part of her family and Baileys cannot wait for Janet to take her for a play date because let me tell you, Janet does not merely walk the dogs, she plays with them, interacts with them and makes sure that they are safe. Baileys comes home a very happy and exhausted dog. Janet also walked our other dog Roscoe until he passed-he would wait by the window at the front of the house each day for Janet’s dog safe truck to pull up. That is a true testament to the effect that Janet has on dogs-they adore her and she adores them back. Janet also uses towels in the crates in her truck-this reduces the amount of water and dirt that normally would wind up in your home. We highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a kind, capable and wonderful dog walker.


Janet is amazing! We tried several dog walkers before her and our 1 year old (at the time) would run away because he was scared and used to being only with us, those dog walkers would give up immediately. Janet took our dog in and really worked with him; spent the time getting him comfortable and acclimated to both her and her group. One year later and he’s in love with not only Janet (Auntie Janet) but loves to play with all the dogs in her group and runs out the door excited when she comes to pick him up. He always comes home dirty and tired (which we love!). Janet is very professional as a business owner. I appreciate she has the dogs in a large comfortable van with cages so they can have their own space. She communicates well in advanced when she will not be able to walk our dog and gives us enough time to make other arrangements. We highly recommend her to anyone who loves and wants the best for their dog.


I don’t know what I would do without Doggie Business! I am a busy professional with a very hectic schedule and I also happen to have a dog with way more energy than I have! Luckily, I found Doggie Business about 2 years ago. MJ is in love with Janet and I am thrilled because MJ gets plenty of exercise on the days she goes out with Doggie Business (here is a picture of her after a 2 hour walk with Doggie Business). MJ has also spent many nights at Janet’s house – I love knowing she is with Janet rather than at a big kennel where she is just one of many dogs. Thanks Doggie Business for taking such good care of MJ because I can’t do it all on my own!  Sara S.


Janet is a professional dog walker that takes her job seriously and genuinely loves walking her dogs. Her dog groups are small so your dog stays safe and gets plenty of attention. Our dog Jack has been with Janet since he was a puppy and absolutely loves her, and my husband and I do too. She goes above and beyond her job. For example, she makes sure that Jack is returned home clean by wiping off his paws and body down with a towel or if needed a quick bath in her tub, and brushing out his fur. She pays close attention to foxtails and other things that might harm your dog. I could go on and on about all of the amazing experiences that we’ve had with Janet.  UnChu R.


Janet Slissman is the best dog-walker in San Francisco. Hands Down! She loves dogs and genuinely cares about them. Our 5 year old Golden retriever loves her and cant wait to hop in the cool van for a day of fun. Since Having Janet walk our dog, we have seen her better socialize with other dogs which was a big issue when we initially brought her home. 2 years ago when Janet first walked our dog, she immediately let us know that she might have weak hips. When our dog was eventually diagnosed with hip displasia, Janet helped us with all the information about the disease and kept us from panicking. Besides being a phenomenal dog-walker, Janet is a gem of a person, very loving and caring. No matter how many times we changed our schedule, she always accommodated us when she did not have to. We highly highly recommend Janet and Doggie Business. – Biwesh and Suju


I’ve had dogs all of my life, and never had to hire a Dog Walker.  In 2011, I called Doggie Business and that was one of the best decisions I have made.  Janet Slissman is reliable, dependable and knowledgeable.  She is so good with my little boy, who loves his group walks and his Auntie Janet.

You are the Best.  Mary G.


Janet is a tremendous dog walker!  She is incredibly reliable, flexible, attentive, communicative, and quite the dog charmer. Recently our dog got a foxtail in his ear and she called immediately, took him to our vet, and saved him a painful procedure and us hundreds of dollars! We feel so lucky to have Auntie Janet taking care of our dog and know you will feel the same.  Betsy B.


Janet is the best. My dog is so much happier since he started going for his daily walks with Janet. He gets great exercise and has lost weight. He looks forward to hanging out with the pack. Julie M.


My dog is a much happier dog since she has been walked by Janet. She gets three big walks a week and it has helped her mood and keeps her weight down. We have been using Janet for 6 months and will keep using her. When our dog hears the van pull up she runs to jump in. I know she loves it.


Our dog Abby enjoys her “outings” with Janet so much, that we’ve continued them even after my husband and I retired. Abby knows when Janet is close – she runs back & forth between the front window & door…”she’s here, she’s here”…. and doesn’t look back once she’s out the door. And once Abby does get back, she is tired and happy to be home. Thanks Janet for taking such good care of Abby. Bill & Sera


Janet is a doggie genius!  She has been walking our dogs for a long long time and was highly recommended by our groomer.  Our Lab has become svelte and athletic at the advanced age of 9.  He looks like a young dog and acts like one, too.  All due to Janet’s energetic and dog appropriate walks, hikes, swims etc.  She even bathes him up when she gets him home.  We have a very old dog who is no longer able to walk out but when she could, she would not go with anyone and actually growled at our previous dog walker and hid under the bed.  Janet showed incredible patience and hard work and Lily grew to love her and look forward to her walks and outings.  I have left my dogs with Janet overnight and they come home happy and content.  They are always glad to see her.  I cannot recommend her too highly.  You are lucky if she chooses you!


After noticing that our poor dog was looking a little bored and a little fat we thought it was time to find a dog walker. Well, along came Janet. It didn’t take long for our puppy to fall in love with her and look forward to the sound of her van. You can tell she loves what she does. Completely trustworthy, reliable and loving. Janet is just amazing! We couldn’t recommend her enough. Now our dog is happier and fitter and we’re harboring a lot less guilt. Reliable, reasonable, accommodating – perfect for dog walks and dog boarding – we adore Janet and Doggie Business.  No more guilt about a bored dog left at home just a happy and healthy hound now!