Janet has been walking our dog Baileys for over two years now. Janet is a god send for both Baileys and our family. Janet treats Baileys like she is part of her family and Baileys cannot wait for Janet to take her for a play date because let me tell you, Janet does not merely walk the dogs, she plays with them, interacts with them and makes sure that they are safe. Baileys comes home a very happy and exhausted dog. Janet also walked our other dog Roscoe until he passed-he would wait by the window at the front of the house each day for Janet’s dog safe truck to pull up. That is a true testament to the effect that Janet has on dogs-they adore her and she adores them back. Janet also uses towels in the crates in her truck-this reduces the amount of water and dirt that normally would wind up in your home. We highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a kind, capable and wonderful dog walker.