Doggie Business is the creme de la creme of Dog Walking Services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Run by Janet Slissman, a native of San Francisco, Janet combines her 15 years of program management in the corporate world with her life long passion for animals, to ensure that your dog is safe, happy and thriving under her daily care. I have a 13 year old dog who is the happiest and most fit he has ever been in his life! His daily “walks” range from swimming in lakes, to romping through some of San Francisco’s most beautiful parks, and traversing interesting trails. When I go off to work each day, I know my dog has a wonderful adventure awaiting him.


I was referred to Janet by a friend and I gave her a call. Even though I did not live in her service area, she was willing to come and meet my dog. I was a bit worried since, my one and a half year old Portuguese Water Dog is “active” to say the least, and I had been told by others dog walkers that she was “difficult”. Janet came in to our home with the warmest greeting and open arms to my high-jumping dog. We have taken her on as our regular dog-walker. And I cannot say enough good things about Janet. She cares so much for all the dogs and works hard to find them the right playmates. She is always educating us on new information, not to mention the gear available for dogs. Janet also lovingly cared for our pup while we were out of town for a few days, and we came home to a happy dog. Janet is a gem of a woman. An incredible, very professional, Doggie Business Mama! This woman loves dogs and loves her work. I highly recommend her services!


Of course we give Janet 5 stars. Doggie Business impeccable service starts with the van. It is simply cleaner than our family mini van… It comes with rugs and individual crates with clean towels. Nothing to do with those cars packed of barking dogs on top of each other that you see everywhere in the city. Our dog Shasta smells it from the other end of the street, rushes to the front door, and starts whining. And then there is Janet. She clearly has a passion for dogs, and she truly cares about the dogs she walks. Within a week she had figured out Shasta’s personality. She has a genuine interest in our dog: she emails as soon as she notices something new or different in her behavior, and she is full of sound advice . There have been many changes in Shasta: a calmer, more balanced dog, more obedient (no more pulling on the leash!), and, last but not least for an ever hungry lab, a thinner, better looking, healthier dog.  So I know it is a cliché, but it is for us one of those situation where we think: why didn’t we do it earlier.


My dog loves Janet!!!  She’s a fantastic find!  Max, my baby, can hear her van pull up out front and he immediately freaks out!  He can’t get out the door fast enough!  She’s dependable, professional, and passionate about her dogs! Highly recommend!


Our happy dog has had the pleasure of Janet’s company for one month. Belle was showing signs of her age (10) when the two first met, and now she is back to jumping for joy about walk time AND her appetite has improved. We couldn’t be happier! Janet is extremely flexible, caring, thoughtful, and takes her job very seriously. She came highly recommended and we can see why!  Betsy, James, and Belle


If our dog Holly, a small, black lab, could write, she’d be stuck on the stars key, hitting it over and over in praise of Janet Slissman’s dog hiking and walking service. She (the dog) adores Janet and she (Janet) adores the dog. Perfect fit. Holly is a water dog and a ballaholic and she gets wet and blissed out chasing a ball with Janet and the other dogs. I’ve encountered other dog walkers with their dreary packs in enclosed dog parks and can only be grateful for Janet’s Doggie Business, clearly SF’s best. A zillion stars.


I met Janet by accident at a dog park where I recognized my neighbor’s dog, whom she was exercising and training. With no reason other than pure generosity, she gave me quite a bit of advice and help with both my old dog and my puppy and even made a special trip back to her car to get me a piece of equipment she thought would be useful to me. I liked her so much, a couple of weeks later I asked her to help me out with a last minute bit of care-taking for my dogs, which she willingly did. Not only did she give me more feedback than anyone else who has ever helped with my dogs, she creatively figured out things like how to mist them during a heat wave. It’s not often one finds someone who is as sweet and good with the owners as with the animals. I hope she gets lots of new customers so she will stay in business forever, because I don’t ever want to have to find anyone else.


Terrific news about Roscoe and the stairs!!! Just how did you manage to get him to do it – not only once – but 4 times on his own? What a break through. We’d just gotten your e-mail late last night and while we were in the kitchen talking I watched Roscoe go down the top stair on his own! We couldn’t believe our eyes!


I discovered Janet Slissman and Doggie Business at Ft Funston dog park in San Francisco as Janet was loading her charges into the Doggie Business van. From across the parking lot I immediately noticed this large, clean and well cared for van, a far cry from the usual tiny dog walker vehicles held together by duct tape, bailing wire and dirt. I also noticed that each dog had its own crate, and that there was plenty of fresh water, clean towels and treats available. The dogs were calm, safe, tired and happy. Generally,one would not notice this, it is a normal urban scene, but this was a HUGE step-up from the usual chaotic, noisy, over crowded and dirty conditions of 95% of the dog walkers autos and dogs. I soon discovered that Janet is a conscientious, organized and experienced dog walker. She has decades of experience training dogs reaching back to her childhood in SF when she showed her family’s dogs. Her intake meeting with new clients is thorough. Her reports back regarding your dogs day, his/her training needs, play manners, etc. is straight forward and detailed. If there is a training issue she offers the issue with the solution. Overall, I highly recommend Janet Slissman. Your dog(s) will be safe and happy. Give her call.


Janet is truly first rate. She is reliable, professional and loves dogs. When we first met she gave me tons of info about her service, recommendations, took my dog Demo around the block on a test walk and let me take a tour of her incredibly immaculate van. Within a couple of days of starting her service, Demo (about as hyperactive as they come). was actually more relaxed and happier than I’d ever seen him. One day I happened to be home when she came over. When Janet called my dog’s name upon opening the door Demo let out the little squeal of happiness he usually reserves for only family. Her van (which I wrongly assumed was clean just for the dog-and-pony show of the first intro), was again immaculate! When Demo came home, he plopped down on the floor with tongue fully out-a-pose only seen from Demo after a thorough workout. The best part of Doggie Business, however is the care and attention Janet gives her dogs. For example, she works on Demo’s barking problem when out with him and sends me an email if anything unusual is up (the other day he had gunk in his eye- yuck, which Janet alerted me to). In short, Janet is an awesome dog walker – 5 stars.


Janet is amazing!!!  She takes amazing care of my dog. I trust her 100%. My dog goes crazy with excitement when he sees her.  Janet is professional and she has so much knowledge  when it comes to taking care of dogs. If I need her advice she is always there with a listening ear and always has the best advise and solution.  Janet has a great doggy van for bringing the dogs to the dog park and Fort Funston.  I called her last minute when an unexpected trip came up and she was more than accommodating!  I cannot say enough good things about Janet she is amazing and completely trust worthy. She gives so much love and attention to our dogs and if my dog is happy I am happy!! Sarah

McLaren Park Dog Walker

If you’re lucky she’ll take you As a fellow dog walker, what I know about Janet is what I see out there. I can tell you that she truly cares about her animals, and that I have never seen her running around frantically calling for a lost one yet, because they always seem to be right with her. She transports them like royalty in a very large and very clean van, in kennels, and she is very picky about which dogs she takes on. If your dog is not a good fit for her group, she’ll tell you so. I would send my own Sophie out with Doggie Business in a heartbeat, …if Janet would take her, that is.- Steve H.

Fort Funston Dog Walker

Superb Experience and Service Janet Slissman, the owner of Doggie Business, offers top-notch dog walking backed by experience, skill and true love for dogs. She has structured her business to ensure that all of the dogs she walks are safe, cared for, and get the most out of each and every walk. She crates all of her four-legged clients inside a spacious, well-ventilated van that safely transports them to various wonderful parks in San Francisco. Because she limits her pack size, she can monitor the dogs and give them the attention they deserve. I feel comfortable recommending Janet because I know that she is reliable, experienced and passionate about dogs – Katie A.