0509131402Socialization and highly interactive group walks are the only things that have ever truly worked in improving a dogs attitude . . . factor in what makes your dog happy and see the change!

Why Exercise?

Benefits of our Group Exercise

  • Keeps weight under control and dogs healthy
  • Keep older dogs agile and limber
  • Helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust
  • Helps dogs to feel sleepy and content at bedtime
  • Picky eaters will increase their desire for food
  • Improves their mood and willingness to be obedient
  • Gives them more opportunities to practice their obedience skills

Problems with Not Enough Exercise

  • Being disobedient, not following commands like “stay” or “come”
  • Destructive chewing of objects, digging, or scratching at doors
  • Getting into trouble, like garbage raiding or getting on counters
  • Attention getting behaviors like barking, or whining at you for treats
  • Hyperactivity and excitability – seemingly obsessive behavior
  • Unruliness, knocking objects over or running into people
  • Nipping, rough play and excessive socializing

What We Do

Perfect for the Average Dog!


  • Group Walks – 60 MINUTE GROUP WALK
  • Great for puppies and young dogs to romp, play and chase balls!  Slower, older mature dogs will do well in this group too!  Off-leash walks.

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  • 90 minute off-leash walks, offered afternoons, M-F
  • Frequent water breaks and chasing balls!
  • Includes round trip transportation

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Exclusively for Members


  • $20/night add’l charge on holidays
  • Check-in noon/check-out noon.
  • Must be a current dog walking client

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