Pet Detectives

Posted by The San Francisco Dog Walker

One of my clients told me a story about her lost dog that is really hard to imagine. Here it is.

Her dog escaped from the house and seemed to be lost for several days. My client hired a pet detective, Jackie Phillips, and they tracked the scent of her lost dog to a spot in Golden Gate Park. Running up to the gardener, my client was surprised to learn that he had found the little lost dog, but unfortunately, it had been hit by a car and killed at 19th and Lincoln and he had buried it near a beautiful large tree.

Even though it is a heartbreaking tale, it is still quite amazing that the tracking dogs were able to follow the scent of the lost dog so accurately. Since then, I have passed along this information to many dog walkers and they have had very successful results.

This might be a great method to try to find your lost dog, if you ever need one.  Just be sure to call her right away, without delay!

Jackie Phillips, certified pet detective (510) 415-6185