Janet is a doggie genius!  She has been walking our dogs for a long long time and was highly recommended by our groomer.  Our Lab has become svelte and athletic at the advanced age of 9.  He looks like a young dog and acts like one, too.  All due to Janet’s energetic and dog appropriate walks, hikes, swims etc.  She even bathes him up when she gets him home.  We have a very old dog who is no longer able to walk out but when she could, she would not go with anyone and actually growled at our previous dog walker and hid under the bed.  Janet showed incredible patience and hard work and Lily grew to love her and look forward to her walks and outings.  I have left my dogs with Janet overnight and they come home happy and content.  They are always glad to see her.  I cannot recommend her too highly.  You are lucky if she chooses you!